O My Soul

I started making a list of all the projects I would like to accomplish around the house before baby #3 joins us. As I was reviewing and reordering my list based on what I thought deserved highest priority (and feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of things I had written down) I heard my little girl from the other room singing:

    Bless the Lord, O my soul

O my soul

Worship His holy name

Sing like never before

O my soul

I’ll worship Your Holy name


I had been hearing her sing these words on repeat all morning, but this was the first time that I fully realized what sweet praises were coming from her lips. Moments later she began “reading” her Bible to her babies as she was putting them to sleep. I stopped what I was doing so that I could give my full attention to listening to her and typing out the story she had just begun to tell.

“Once God made everything, and He made us. Then Noah made an ark for all the animals, and he helps the animals. And God made a rainbow and put it in the sky. A rainbow means a promise. And when I am afraid I will trust in You. Whoever believes the Son has eternal life. And Moses was crying because he was stuck in a basket. And Goliath was a man and he wanted to fight God. And David said to Goliath not to be mean to God. And baby Jesus was in a manger. And He was born. And He died on a cross and He came alive and goes up up to Heaven. And He helps us. “

There were tears in my eyes as I read back through the incredible story my two year old had just told her babies. I would have liked to have blamed third trimester hormones for the pit that was building up in my stomach, but an honest assessment of my heart told me that I was deeply convicted. I had just wasted away my morning worrying about what projects I “needed” to get done, while my daughter had spent hers singing praises to her God and sharing truths from the Bible to her babies.

I grabbed a tissue, scooped Jayden up in my arms, and together we sang “Bless the Lord” as we danced all around the living room. Later in the day, when both kids were sleeping I spent some time thinking and praying about my “to-do list.” As I allowed God to challenge my heart I began crossing off most of the projects I had written down…because when I am really honest with myself I know that it doesn’t matter if my pillows are recovered, our dining room is decorated, or the kids spring jackets and sun hats are neatly organized. What does matter, however, is how much time I have spent allowing God to do His steadfast work in my heart so that I am able to be the wife and mother He has called me to be.

My family may benefit from my efforts to cook them dinner, keep the house clean, create personal touches to add around our home, document family memories, find ways to save money, etc. But I have the opportunity to make even greater deposits into their lives by praying for them daily, practicing patience, reading the Word of God for my own personal growth and to give my children a greater picture of the grandness of their God, committing His Word to memory so that I can always recall it, and letting God direct my every step.

I must stop building my life with hay and stubble that will prove worthless and unstable….and choose to build my life on Christ. Only He can sustain my family and prepare me for this crazy adventure of raising three under three. I choose to be the mother who knows how to fully depend upon the Lord and radiates His goodness and glory, rather than the mother whose projects have all been “completed on time”.

Now, where do I start? How do I go about the work of reprioritizing my life around those things that will not pass away? I think Jayden had the right idea all along. I just had to stop what I was doing long enough to pay attention…

Bless the Lord, O my soul and worship His holy name. He will carry out His work in my life until completion. It is not just up to me because…He helps us.

2 thoughts on “O My Soul

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh my goodness. I am blessed by you and Jayd. What a tribute to your mothering (and fathering) and how you love God. I am convicted… there goes my ‘to do’ list. Course I never have been very good at ‘to do’ lists:) Love you AshLEE Elizabeth. Momma


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