You are Lovely: A Letter to my Daughter

Nothing could have prepared me for the painful moment of looking into my daughters eyes and seeing insecurity and inadequacy sadly stare back at me.  My heart ached as I saw tears slowly building up behind those deep brown eyes as the seeds of self-doubt began to creep their way into her little heart.

This sweet two-almost-three-year-old girl of mine has arrived at the place where she is now very conscious of the things others say to her and about her.  And sometimes those things really hurt… cutting through the core of who she is and leaving behind splintery lies that are almost as painful to remove as when they first get stuck.

As my eyes searched hers my heart was pounding as I desperately and frantically tried to think of a way to protect her from the world’s definition of beauty and worth.  And I realized that I will never be able to completely guard her from the crafty, manipulative lies that Satan will always use to try to tear her apart…

You can’t do it.  You will never measure up.  They are better than you.  You will always fail.  You are hopeless.    

But even though I can’t keep my daughter from hearing the message that has buried itself so deeply in this sinful, broken world, I can AND WILL help her build her defense against this attack and fight the fight against insecurity right alongside her. Because as harmful, and painful, and paralyzing as these doubts and fears can be, the message that God has been communicating from the beginning of time holds much greater power and influence.

You are loved!  You were chosen! You are mine!  You are just the way you are supposed to be!  You are lovely!



And so my daughter, as you begin this fight let me share with you a few
things that have given me victory over my own insecurities.

You are good.  God made you, so you are good.  In fact, my sweet daughter, He says you are VERY good.
No matter what anyone ever tells you this will always remain true.

You are beautiful.  True beauty runs so much deeper than clothes and cliques and boys and acne.  To be beautiful requires you to inhale all that God has made you to be.  The One who made you makes no mistakes, so walk with Him confident, secure, and grounded in the knowledge that in His heart you are so beautiful!  If only I could cement the words “you are beautiful” into the deepest part of you so that no other words could walk their way into the door of your heart and take their place.  I want your life to be colored by those words, so I will say them again and again and again.  You. Are. Beautiful.

There is beauty in your laughter, beauty in your excitement, beauty in your tenderness, beauty in your imagination, beauty in your passion, beauty in your service, beauty streams through every ounce of your being.

You are loved.  Deeply, truly, completely, perfectly loved.  There is nothing you can do to cause God to love you less.  And there is nothing you can do to cause God to love you more.  This never-stopping, never-giving-up, unbreaking, always and forever love that we have read about so often in your Bible was even deep enough for God to allow his Only Son to die in order to redeem you unto Himself.  So when the world tries to cut you down remember that the God who holds the universe in place looks at you in love.

I pray that as you begin this tumultuous journey of becoming you, God will penetrate your heart with His love so that you will understand just how complete and far-reaching it is!  I pray that He will drive out any trace of uncertainty and fear, and seal up your heart with the assurance of your great worth in Him and to Him.

From this day on, the world will try to convince you to conform to its vision of beauty and worth.  But let me spare you heartache by telling you that it will never fulfill the longing inside you to be valuable.  This desire for worth is intrinsic in your being in order to point you to the Only One who can satisfy it.  So rest in Him.  Be filled by Him.

My dear one, do not let others define beauty and worth for you, but instead run hard after true beauty as you develop a heart that loves and obeys God!  And don’t you ever forget that you are lovely because God made you and He loves you.
Hear it.  See it.  Taste it.  Say it.  Believe it.  You, my daughter, are lovely.

All you need to be beautiful and worthy… to be His.  And that is enough.

 I love you.


One thought on “You are Lovely: A Letter to my Daughter

  1. Laurie Schmidt says:

    Oh my goodness, tears stream down. Jayd, you have a beautiful legacy. You are chosen of the King, loved by the Savior, cared for by the two who conceived you, and valuable beyond measure.


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